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The Redonda Lagoon is a lagoon of the city of Concepción, Chile. It covers a surface of 41,000 square metres m² and contains the deepest lagoon of all the city, with a depth of 19 m.

Pedro del Río Zañartu Park is located in the commune of Hualpén, Chile. It is a recreational-historical place of the sector, where there are museums, mausoleums, camping sectors, etc. Address: Hualpén, Bío Bío Region Phone: +56 41 242 6399

The Park Ecuador is a Chilean park belonging to the city of Concepción, in the Biobío Region. It is located at the foot of Cerro Caracol and very near the center of the city, being divided of the urban center by the Street Víctor Lamas. It corresponds to a large recreational area, with several points of historical, social and cultural relevance. Address: Víctor Lamas 567, Concepción, Región del Bío Bío,, Phone: +56 9 4588 9767

The National Reserve Nonguén, which covers 3055 hectares and is mostly located in the commune of Chiguayante (although it also occupies part of the communes of Concepcion and Hualqui), was created on December 30, 2009, being the fifth reserve of the region of Biobío. Address: Bío Bío Region, Chile. Phone: +56 9 4243 7679